Map Links Widget App

Add a link to your location or embed a dynamic Google Map

Key Features
  • Two Different Map Types: Choose between an embedded map or a link that opens up with your address in Google Maps

  • Hide After Hours: If you don't want the widget to show after you close, you can hide it during set time windows

Why should you add a Maps Link Widget App to your website?


Design your Contact Button and choose a menu layout in less than 5 minutes​


Create and install the Map Links app on your newly designed button


Install a Contact Button on your web site by copy & pasting one line of code

Easy as 1-2-3

You can add a Contact Button + Map Links widget to your website in just three easy steps

Most Contact Button’s can be setup in less than 15 minutes. If you need any help, we offer free onboarding sessions for new users.

Want to see how easy it is for yourself before you sign up? Click the button below to check out our installation guide.


Install your App Widgets & Contact Button on any popular website builder

If you know how to copy & paste text, we have step-by-step guides to show you how to set up the rest.

WHy Contact Button?

5 reasons why your site will be better with a Contact Button on it

Reason #1: Shows You're an Innovator

Having a Contact Button shows that you value innovation by using modern communication channels and website tools.

Reason #2: Creates a Competitive Advantage

Contact Button sets you apart from competitors who only a single-use widget, like live chat or click-to-call, installed.

Reason #3: Enables Instant Communications

Contact Button makes it easy to reach you on various channels, meeting modern expectations for rapid response.

Reason #4: Improves Your Conversion Rates

Contact Button’s use case specific apps increase actions from site visitors, leading to higher engagement and sales.

Reason #5: Generates More Online Leads

Contact Button helps you capture interest from potential clients, facilitating business growth opportunities.


Monitor engagement with App Analytics

Keep a close eye on how many clicks the Map Links app is driving with built in reporting tables on your dashboard’s homepage.

Try different icon designs or app names to see if the changes result in more clicks.


Your widget app, your way

There are several advanced settings options available to help you have even more control over how your apps work inside your Contact Button.

Custom Icons

Don’t want to use our built-in Font Awesome icons? No problem! You can upload an icon file of your choice

Add Shadows

Want to add more contrast to your app icon design? Use one of the various different shadow options.

Adjustable App Screens

Just like a smartphone screen, you have complete control over the order and layout of your apps inside your button.

Device Types

Want to show an app like Click-to-Call only to mobile users? You can easily hide it from desktop users.

After Hours​

Want to deactivate certain apps outside of business hours? You can control the hours any app is active.

One Click On/Off

Want to disable an app without deleting it? You can toggle every app inside your button menu with just one click.

FAQ - Map Links Widget App

Absolutely not! This widget app is entirely free to use. We impose no hidden fees, nor do you need to enter Credit Card information to add a Contact Button to your website.

The Map Links Widget App from Contact Button is compatible with all contemporary platforms that allow for custom JavaScript integrations. Step-by-step installation guides for website building platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and others are readily available in our Help Center.

Adding a Contact Button to a WordPress site is seamless with our specialized plugin. This plugin is available at no cost and can be found here: Contact Button for WordPress.

A Map Links widget app is a tool that integrates Google Maps directly into your website, allowing you to display your business location with a live map. It can also provide visitors with directions from their current location to yours. This widget is important for businesses with physical premises as it greatly simplifies the process for customers trying to find you, enhancing their overall experience and potentially increasing foot traffic.

How does embedding Google Maps improve the user experience?

By providing a visual and interactive map, users can easily see where your business is located and how to get there from their own location. This eliminates the need for them to leave your website to search for this information, creating a seamless and hassle-free user experience that encourages visits.

Yes, it can. By making it easier for customers to find your store and providing them with instant directions, you’re lowering the barrier to entry for a visit. People are more likely to visit a location when they have clear, easy-to-follow directions, which can directly increase foot traffic to your store.

Absolutely. Map Links widget app are designed to be responsive, meaning they will adjust to fit the screen size of various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that mobile users, who are often on the go and in need of directions, have a good experience accessing your map and directions.

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