Our First Principles

Convenience Wins: We believe that customers value convenience over anything when it comes to interacting with a business as well as using a software solution.

Keep Things Simple: We believe that avoiding complexity when building a startup is the key to user experience, cost savings, scalability, security, and long-term sustainability.

Use What You Sell: We believe the best way to building software that our customers will love is to be a customer ourselves so we’ll also feel the aches and pains if we ever fall short.

How It All Started...

The idea for Contact Button was born from a common frustration I had when I was traveling somewhere new and trying to get information about nearby businesses online.

Like many others of you, I would typically start by using a search engine or map application on my phone to find available options near me.

But in far too many cases, after selecting a search result and going to a business website, I found it hard to quickly find an answer to my question or to navigate a website that was clearly designed for desktop users.

Looking back, it’s now clear that the introduction of use case specific apps was why the iPhone and Android phone quickly replaced the browser-first options offered by Blackberries & PalmPilots.

But I’m not here to tell you your business needs a mobile app. Actually, quite the opposite, as someone who has created over 20 mobile apps myself, I know how hard it is to get users to download and use your app.

Instead, I think the best option for smaller businesses is to recreate the smartphone user experience in the corner of their website using what I call a ‘Smartwidget’. By providing quick access to simple use case apps inside this widget, leads and customers can get the information they need as conveniently as possible.

I hope you’ll agree that Contact Button is a novel solution to a common frustration that so many of us have experienced when interacting with a business, and you’ll at least give it a free try.

I look forward to make interacting with a businesses online as convenient as possible together!

Pete – Founder of Contact Button

PS: I still read every message we receive. But if you’d like to connect with me directly, you can most easily reach me at pete@contactbutton.com or via LinkedIn. I’m here to help!

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