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Click-to-Call Link Generator

Quickly create a personalized Click-to-Call link to enable direct phone calls to the number of your choice!

Create an HTML Click-to-Call Link

Creating an embeddable Click-to-Call Link: A 3-Step Guide


What can you do with a Click-to-Call Link?​

Make It Easier to Connect

Instead of requiring people to write down your number or manually dial, they can be collected with one click.

Offer Instant Connections

Allow customers to instantly connect with you via phone call, eliminating the need for searching your number.

Drive Sales Conversions

Facilitate immediate communication with your sales team and reduce customer journey obstacles.

Support Potential Customers

Provide immediate support through direct calls, ensuring customer inquiries are addressed swiftly.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, our platform has you covered.

A Click-to-Call link facilitates immediate phone communication by simply clicking the link, bypassing the need for dialing.

Upon clicking, the link prompts the customer’s phone to dial your number directly, enabling a swift connection. However, if a customer clicks the link on a desktop computer, the link often won’t work unless it’s connected to a WebRTC service or the user has a VOIP service active on their computer.

Generating Click-to-Call links is completely free with Contact Button’s tool.

It depends on if the button allows you to set the kind of link for the button. You may want to consider adding a Contact Button to your website which allows you to offer a click-to-call button in the button corner of every page of your website if your website builder doesn’t allow you to customize button links.

Click-to-Call links work globally, facilitating direct phone communication anywhere your phone service operates.

Click-to-Call links are suitable for businesses of all sizes, enhancing direct communication with customers.


Want to do offer more than just a link? Install Contact Button's Click-Call Widget App for free!

Make it easy for visitors to call your number via a mobile device

Key Features
  • Designed for Mobile: This app can only be shown on mobile devices where a click will result in an actual phone call and not frustrate desktop users

  • After Hours Mode: Set the exact times you want the click-to-call icon to be shown to website visitors to prevent inbound calls to your phone after hours

  • Omnichannel Friendly: Don't limit yourself to only phone calls like other click-to-call widgets do by adding other widget apps like WhatsApp & Contact Forms

Why should you add a Click-to-Call App Widget to your website?


Design your Contact Button and choose a menu layout in less than 5 minutes​


Create and install the Click-to-Call App on your newly designed button


Install a Contact Button on your web site by copy & pasting one line of code

Easy as 1-2-3

You can add a Contact Button & Click-to-Call widget to your website in just three easy steps

Most Contact Button’s can be setup in less than 15 minutes. If you need any help, we offer free onboarding sessions for new users.

Want to see how easy it is for yourself before you sign up? Click the button below to check out our installation guide.


Install your App Widgets & Contact Button on any popular website builder

If you know how to copy & paste text, we have step-by-step guides to show you how to set up the rest.

Contact Button has built in WhatsApp Links plus a whole lot more!

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