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Quickly create a downloadable QR code that anyone can scan and be directed to the URL of your choice. Free to create and download. No subscription required.

Generate a QR Code with a URL

Generating a QR Code: A 3-Step Guide


What can you do with a QR Code?​

Connect Offline to Online

Use QR codes to link offline materials to online resources, enhancing user engagement and simplifying access to your digital content.

Enable Effortless Sharing

Share QR codes on your marketing materials, both online and offline, to provide online information with a single scan.

Simplify Feedback Collection

Encouraging feedback through a QR-linked survey makes it convenient for customers to share their insights.

Link to Online Menus

Make it easier for in-store customers to access your online food or product menus on their smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that, when scanned, directs users to a specific digital destination such as a website, app, or online resource.

How does scanning a QR code work?

To scan a QR code, you simply need to point a smartphone camera or QR code reader at it. It will show a user a link to the URL embedded inside the code.

Is there a cost to generate a QR code?

Creating QR codes can be done for free using various online QR code generator tools, but some will charge you to keep the code active. This generator is 100% free and your codes will work without a subscription.

Can I track engagement with QR codes?

Yes, you can include a UTM parameter at the end of your QR Code URL to help you track scans and measure engagement.

Are QR codes usable worldwide?

QR codes can be used globally, providing a universal method for accessing digital content.

QR codes can link to any online content, including websites, videos, PDFs, and social media profiles, offering versatile use cases.

Can QR codes be embedded in digital and print media?

Yes, QR codes can be incorporated into both digital formats and printed materials, making them versatile for all marketing strategies.

How can you incorporate QR codes into marketing strategies?

Add QR codes to your promotional materials, business cards, advertisements, and event displays to simplify access to your digital resources.

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