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Quickly create a personalized WhatsApp link and downloadable QR code with a predefined message and share it with your audience on your Social Networks!

Create a WhatsApp Link & QR Code

Creating a WhatsApp Chat Link: A 3-Step Guide


What can you do with a WhatsApp Link & QR Code?

Offer Immediate Messaging

Enable customers to instantly start a WhatsApp conversation with you, no need for them to have your number.

Automate Messaging Integration

Connect your WhatsApp number with a chat bot solution to automatically help customers 24/7.

Provide Real-Time Support

Offer instant customer support via WhatsApp, ensuring queries are resolved quickly via live chat.

Enhance User Engagement

Incorporate a WhatsApp link for more personal and dynamic user interactions.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, our platform has you covered.

A WhatsApp link starts with wa.me/, followed by your number, and can include a message at the end.

Clicking the link opens a chat with your business in the WhatsApp mobile app or via the WhatsApp web interface on a desktop device.

Creating WhatsApp chat links is completely free with Contact Button’s tool.

As long as your customers have WhatsApp (which is available in most countries worldwide!), your link will be their gateway to instant communication.

Why would I need a WhatsApp QR code?

While links are perfect for online interactions, QR codes bridge the gap to offline spaces. Simply display the code, and customers can scan it with their phones to start chatting instantly, making your business accessible wherever they are.

If you’re a Contact Button user, you can explore click-to-chat links for other popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and more, expanding your reach beyond WhatsApp.

Contact Button has built in WhatsApp Links plus a whole lot more!

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